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Get SQLite via `winget` on Windows

Get SQLite via `winget` on Windows

(1) By ddevienne on 2021-08-24 11:53:31 [source]

Microsoft is finally releasing an official CLI package manager, at last.

Would be nice to easily get the SQLite CLI tools using it.

From the little I read, the integration looks doable. FWIW.

There are other ecosystems too, of course, like Chocolatey and others,
but with winget being bundled by default with Windows soon, and pushed by
Microsoft itself, would seem natural to support it. My $0.02.

There does not appear to exist a package for SQLite yet:

C:\Users\ddevienne> winget search sqlite
Name                        Id                                    Version       Match
Kangaroo                    Taozuhong.Kangaroo           Tag: sqlite
TablePlus                   TablePlus.TablePlus                   4.2.8         Tag: SQLite
DataGrip (EAP)              JetBrains.DataGrip.EarlyAccess        212.4746.58   Tag: sqlite
DataGrip                    JetBrains.DataGrip                    212.4746.86   Tag: sqlite
DBeaver                     dbeaver.dbeaver                       21.1.5        Tag: SQLite
DB Browser for SQLite       DBBrowserForSQLite.DBBrowserForSQLite 3.12.2        Tag: sqlite
Beekeeper Studio            beekeeper-studio.beekeeper-studio     1.13.2        Tag: sqlite
PremiumSoft Navicat Premium PremiumSoft.NavicatPremium            15.0.26       Tag: sqlite

While one can get PostgreSQL on Windows that way it seems:

C:\Users\ddevienne> winget search postgresql
Name                        Id                         Version       Match
PostgreSQL                  PostgreSQL.PostgreSQL      13
DBeaver                     dbeaver.dbeaver            21.1.5        Tag: PostgreSQL
pgAdmin                     PostgreSQL.pgAdmin         5.6