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./configure --help and FTS5

./configure --help and FTS5

(1) By Дилян Палаузов (didopalauzov) on 2020-05-06 12:06:08 [source]


https://www.sqlite.org/fts5.html#building_fts5_as_part_of_sqlite says:

“As of version 3.9.0 (2015-10-14), FTS5 is included as part of the SQLite amalgamation. It is disabled by default. If using the two autoconf build system, it is enabled by specifying the "--enable-fts5" option when running the configure script. ”.

sqlite-autoconf-3310100/configure --help prints:

--enable-fts5   include fts5 support [default=yes]

This is a contradiction as the default is both to include and to not include FTS5 support.

Moreover, for options enabled by default, ./configure --help shall print
--disable-abc   Disalbe abc
and for options disabled by default, ./configure --help shall print
--enable-abc    Enable abc

This saves writing [default=yes or no] and convinces to type only options that change default behaviour: like --disable-static-shell --enable-debug.