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SQLITE_FCNTL_RESERVE_BYTES not fully documented

SQLITE_FCNTL_RESERVE_BYTES not fully documented

(1) By anonymous on 2020-05-30 18:49:36 [source]

The SQLITE_FCNTL_RESERVE_BYTES file control is not fully documented. It is only mentioned in the list of defined constants for file controls, and in the documentation of the checksum VFS shim (which incorrectly adds a extra "D"). You should document this correctly in the document about file controls.

This also requires that the application set this value; the VFS won't do so by itself. It may be possible for the VFS to return a synthetic database header when loading an empty file, specifying the values it wants, but this seems a messy way to do it, and also they can't be then overridden, and you will have to override all of the defaults if you do this rather than just one, which is also possibly undesirable. (This use of synthetic database headers can be useful for other purposes though, such as I have used it in an extension for read-only compressed databases.)