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> (I spend a few minutes trying to find out how to iterate through the connections for an instance of SQLite and failed. Contributions welcome.)

My only contribution is this advice: Be sure to limit that effort to just a few minutes.

The nature of SQLite library "instances" is one clue to when that search should terminate. The library code will normally be limited to one copy per process when statically linked (without special renaming to avoid link-time collisions.) The instantiation of data managed by the library is precisely the allocation and initialization of the opaque (to applications) struct whose typename is "sqlite3". There are no instances broader than that, except that one could contemplate all such instances in a process, on a computer, in some user's processes, in the world, across the universe, etc. Those broader sets are not tracked in any way or related to each other by the library.

Given that the OP's inquiry was about "all opened databases", the obvious answer is "No" but that's too easy to just say.