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How to insert TEXT data from SQL server to SQLite with SQLite ODBC Driver
Greetings, I didn't manage to find same problem here on any other platform, so'll try luck and ask here :). I'm struggling with inserting text data FROM SQL server TO SQLite. The SQLite is as linked server. I'm using SQLite ODBC Driver from Mr. Werner. 
When I try to insert float/int there is no problem, but when it comes to inserting str/datetime to target column thats type is text I ran into error "Das abfragebasierte Einf├╝gen oder Aktualisieren von BLOB-Werten wird nicht unterst├╝tzt".

From what I've understood for some reason the query has the feeling that sqlite target columns data type is BLOB, which is not. 

I've also tried cast & convert data type inside query on various sql server text types.

Only thing that worked but not perfectly, is create blob col in sqlite table & transform inside query to nvarbinary(max) and then insert text data. 

Any help is appreciated.

SQL SERVER 2017 - 64bit
SQLite 3.32.3
SQLITE ODBC driver for Win64
Windows 10 Pro