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Can Richard do some YouTube videos explaining transaction implementation?
> Well, commenting and writing code isn't "wasting time",

That's completely not what Stephen said - he hints at the idea that making extraneous effort to hard-document (Like books, video, etc.) soft code (stuff that may change daily) is a great waste, which it is.  
Of course he didn't say commenting code is a waste, as the strawman argument implies, and I can confirm that the Transactional code in SQlite is very-well commented (much like the rest of it) and what is more, is open to the public, so you are very welcome to read it there and perhaps make a video of it - but be warned, it could change tomorrow, and if it does it will still be well-commented, but your video will have become obsolete - which embodies the "waste" that Stephen pointed out.

> so I would consider the video as code comments encoded in video and audio.

Really? You would consider it so? Well then, how many videos have you made and posted that serves as code-comments to your code? 

> Also the time spent is work towards the goal of supporting SQLite until 2050 - any programmers working on the code base could watch the video.

There are only 3 programmers working on the code-base, and they all understand it intimately already. For those who wish to fork it, there are the actual code comments.

Honestly though, I can agree with your sentiment - as a programmer, it would be fun to watch Richard wax lyrical about the trials and tribulations of designing the SQLite Transaction code. Any such effort has to however be on his time and dime (unless you are offering a bounty for it?) and will be a luxury at best. 

Offering unfounded "reasons" why it should do be done in service of the community/code/greater good/support/etc. is just a tad, well, let's say "naughty".