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cannot create tables in sqlitestudio than other apps can see
Hang on, did you say Delphi 7? As in not recent XE7, but the very ancient version from the 1990's?
That might be fixed by simply using compatibility mode. Also, that version would not compile exe's that would run well on Windows 10, it did not have manifests at all, and a few other shortcomings. It was also exclusively 32-bit, as was all exe's it made, so all DLLs used must be 32bit.

That error seems very unspecific though.

You should really upgrade, and if you don't like the new expensive Delphi's you could use the very fantastic (and much better in my opinion) open source [FPC (Free Pascal Compiler) and Lazarus IDE](https://www.freepascal.org/) which you will be right familiar with coming from D7, and you'd be able to use 99% of your existing source code as-is.

If you insist on making D7 work on a Win10 PC, well that sounds interesting to me and I'm willing to have a look with you, but this thread has been quite off-topic for this forum already and now it's crossing into the abyss.
Mail me (ryansmithhe at gmail dot com) to discuss further without polluting this forum.