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Why no release announcement in this Forum anymore?
FWIW, I double-checked I'm subscribed to the *Announcements* **Topic**, then went back to my GMail archive for the forum emails, and found the 3.35, 3.34, 3.33 release notifications indeed.

But OTOH, I didn't find any of the 3.35.x ones, nor the 3.34.1 one. I did find older patch releases though. GMail search does not quite appear *exhaustive* in what it returns, so did I miss some? Doesn't the forum have a page that shows all announcements, that we can look at? Has all the forum posts, so why not the announcements?

So the OP is not wrong that not all releases are consistently announced perhaps. Maybe it should be part of the release check-list? Or even automated perhaps as well?