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How to submit changes

I'd like to submit a change to sqlite consisting of spelling corrections I found and fixed with an open source tool called CodeSpell, but I can't figure out how to submit my commit to the maintainers.

I built fossil from source, cloned and built the sqlite project from source as outlined at https://www.sqlite.org/src/dir?ci=trunk

I made my changes on the trunk, rebuilt, ran make tests (which succeeded through session3.test; session4.test doesn't run because it requires Tcl devel 8.6 which isn't available for the CentOS 7.9 distro I'm using).

I committed to my local repo
I created a forum account (shaunc) on sqlite.org, and did

~/sqlite$ fossil remote-url -R ~/Fossils/sqlite.fossil https://shaunc@www.sqlite.org/src
password for shaunc: 
remember password (Y/n)? y
~/sqlite$ fossil push
Push to https://shaunc@www.sqlite.org/src
Round-trips: 1   Artifacts sent: 0  received: 0
Error: login failed
Round-trips: 1   Artifacts sent: 0  received: 0
Push done, wire bytes sent: 7539  received: 208  ip:

So, login failed doing a fossil push, and my forum credentials don't work for logging in to https://sqlite.org/src/login.

I gather that I either need to have a different account for push access, or some additional permissions, or do something completely different.   I hunted around on sqlite.org and StackOverflow and the official sqlite mirror on github for a how-to-submit-changes/contributing guide, but I didn't find one.

How do I go about submitting my changes?  Do I need to email someone a diff, or set up a github mirror and put the work there, or... ?

Thanks for any guidance.  If there is a howto document I missed, I'd be happy to be pointed at that too.