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sqlite3_column_type for a SUM column
I was sure I had read that `sqlite3_column_type()` can only be used for a "real" table column and does not apply for any computed columns (such as a `SUM` aggregation), hence my initial assertion "I can imagine how this happens...". However, now I cannot find this on any docs.

I am starting to wonder whether this is an artifact of the driver I am using: [better-sqlite3 for NodeJS](https://github.com/JoshuaWise/better-sqlite3). It is on this environment where I see that a `SUM` column returns `null` for the column type.

The docs for this driver do say:
.type: the name of the declared type, or null if it's an expression or subquery.

so now I think I should direct my questions somewhere else... :-)

Thanks for all the clarifications.