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Use custom string function in FTS5 match clause
Once your SQL is compiled and executing, there will be no "sqlite escape" action. The escaping is something SQL authors do and SQL lexers undo.

Yes, all you need (apparently, as your 3rd query success indicates) is for simple_query() to return a length-3 string, consisting of the character sequence: double-quote, single-quote, double-quote. (I write that out because, in this discussion, conventional quoting tends to confound the issue.)

That length-3 string value will not be subjected to any more SQL language spelling or representation transformations, such as "escaping" or its inverse.  The value will be passed, without alteration, as an operand to whatever function you have caused to implement the "match" operator.

I realize you may have already understood all this. I expound on it because (in my opinion and experience) it is very important to distinguish between how things are represented and what they are at a deeper level.  Such is the distinction between a string literal and a string value. One is a way of writing a string value so that a compiler (or lexer) may correctly interpret it; the other is a sequence of characters treated as an object in some hardware or a virtual machine.