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Serious Sqlite command line Problems after Windows 10 update
Than you for your reply

The customer's Laptop is a Surface pro and after  Microsoft advised him to download the latest version of windows 10 his laptop also has Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19042.630]

But unfortunately, the very same redirect command that worked BEFORE the update and download still fails to carry out the commands and exit it just opens a new command prompt window and stops with an SQLITE prompt. Yet the very same redirect command on  his back up fail safe, machine without the update does work.

On my laptop sqlite3 works ok now - but it did not as with our customer after the WINDOWS 10 update. So far fortnuately no other customer has reported this issue - but we did advise customers to PAUSE updates till what was happening could be established.

 We have a BT Technical support service and one of their technical experts looked at the problem - checking the windows event log and running sfc etc-  and could not come up with any solutions, and his final comment was he had never seen SQLITE used by any of his customers before, and to check any support forum for issues - suggesting he thought the problem was with SQLITE. T
The advice of the MICROSOFT technical expert was to downmload the latest version of windows  but this also failed to solve the problem.

 So we hoped that perhaps an SQLITE technical expert might be able to solve the problem or point us in the right direction.