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General question concerning database stucture and number of databases to use.
If all text fields were limited to the page size (by natue of the application itself) or they were not limited but at least 95% were expected to be less than the page size, would there be any reason to hold the text data in a separate table from BLOB data that was expected to always exceed the page size? 

I don't mean with respect to how columns are arranged or the performing of updates, but only in the case of having a two-column table of key and text, and key and BLOB. Is it bad practice to have tables that mix rows of small size with rows of large size when it is known in advance which rows will be in each size category?

In my particular case, there is no other reason that I know of at this point for placing the user input text and BLOB data in different tables other than a considerable difference in size.

Thank you.