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about "strict" mode
The STRICT keyword prevents the storage in a cell of a value that does not conform to the declared type affinity for the column in which the cell value is stored.

THe STRICT keyword prevents the use of gibberish type declarations in which heuristics are used to guess the column affinity.  Rather, the type declaration of a column must be a specific datatype.

The STRICT keyword prohibits NULL in components of a PRIMARY KEY and requires that all components of a PRIMARY KEY be declared NOT NULL.

Without the STRICT keyword, any value of any type can be stored in any cell (intersection of column and row) notwithstanding the declared type/affinity.

Without the STRICT keyword, any gibberish may be used as a declared type name and heuristic rules are used to interpolate the datatype affinity meant.  You can declare a column to be of type "Elongated Giraffe's with Big Boners" if you want, as compared to STRICT mode where you must use the proper datatype name NUMERIC for that case.

Without the STRICT keyword, a PRIMARY KEY declaration is merely syntactic sugar for a UNIQUE contraint.

It is not about performance -- it is about being STRICT.

Mayhaps the use of the STRICT keyword is more efficient (when storing rows) than simply declaring appropriate constraints which achieve the same ends without using the STRICT keyword, but the STRICT keyword is less typing and additional constraints do not need to be run at insert time.