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The amalgamation has repeated files?
I find 2 compile sqlite3.c errors:

W64mingw> gcc -c -Wall sqlite3.c

sqlite3.c: In function 'sqlite3ThreadJoin':
sqlite3.c:31052:8: warning: variable 'bRc' set but not used [-
   BOOL bRc;

W64mingw> gcc -c -Wall shell.c

shell.c: In function 'sqlite3re_match':
shell.c:6187:13: warning: this statement may fall through 
           if( c==0 ) break;
shell.c:6190:9: note: here
         case RE_OP_CC_INC: {

I solve with if(bRc){};
I read the source, the 2ยบ line needs one _attribute_ fallthrough.
After two changes, all OK.

Best regards,
JM Aranda