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can not subscribe
I have been trying to [tell](https://sqlite.org/forum/forumpost/2e64506761a9943294f148c3f59689d3882dc9efeca0d07eb2486305d1593aaa) you folks that outlook has sqlite site blocked.  I have an email with @outlook.com and none of these get to my inbox.  They go to the spam folder.  I have written rules, I have set the from address to safe senders, nothing works. I had to go back to yahoo to get your emails. 

I also had 3 different support request with microsoft, and they all asked me to ask Mr. Hipps to contact them.  I said, "That man has no time to be dealing with you guys.  You need to talk to your technical folks and tell them that the SQLite site is being blacklisted."  Nothing was done.  So, I am now back to yahoo because of Microsoft blacklisting the sqlite IP.