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Build Error: sqlite3.c(206932): error C2061: syntax error: identifier 'sqlite3_session'
> Similar problem with<br>
#define SQLITE_API=....

What similar problem? The post to which you nominally and putatively respond does not claim or refer to a problem. (The opposite is more the case.)

Anyway, assuming that sticking that #define in some (now mysterious) place creates a problem, why should this be considered anything but a reason not to do that? What are you trying to do that warrants attention here or possibly a fix? (And if a fix is warranted, what SQLite version do you have this problem with?)

> Also now leads to compile errors, have moved that to the project settings (using a Visual Studio Solution for VS2022...)

Compile errors when doing what? (Please don't say "compiling".) Is your build setup something that the SQLite project should support, or are you just vaguely reporting some difficulty you had before tweaking that IDE?