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dll file not found in 64 bit pc application developped in 32 bil pc
The bitness of SQLite3.DLL and your application <b>must</b> match.

1.In Visual Studio with your project opened, click on <b>Solution Explorer</b>, choose the <b>Add</b> option, then the <b>Existing Item</b> option. This will open the <i>FileOpen</i> dialogue. 

2.Find and select SQLite3.DLL on your computer.

3.SQLite3.DLL will now show in the <b>Solution Explorer</b> tree.

4.Right click on SQLite3.DLL and select the <b>Properties</b> option.

5.Change the <b>Copy Output to Directory</b> option to have the value <b>Copy if newer</b>.

6.Clean and Rebuild your solution.

This should resolve your SQLite3.DLL not found error.