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create sqlite3_analyzer from trunk
After reading a thread on stackoverflow I uninstalled tcl8.6 and then did 'sudo apt-get install tcl8.6-dev'. After that I found tclConfig.sh in '/usr/lib/tcl8.6' and added that to my PATH.

I ran this script

echo "updating trunk ..."
exec > /dev/null
fossil update trunk
make sqlite3_analyzer
make sqldiff
make test

with response

updating trunk ...
ar: `u' modifier ignored since `D' is the default (see `U')
ar: `u' modifier ignored since `D' is the default (see `U')

So all working now :-)

The make test footnote was

SQLite 2021-01-27 19:15:06 9dc7fc9f04d5c14fc436e5ff5b4c06c1969ddde5857ebeb5dccd59b7c748c339
0 errors out of 249944 tests on sp4 Linux 64-bit little-endian
All memory allocations freed - no leaks
Maximum memory usage: 9196992 bytes
Current memory usage: 0 bytes
Number of malloc()  : -1 calls

Sublime stuff Richard. it's a wonder your head doesn't explode. I only started working with linux a couple of months back and if I was forced to eat a sweetie every tine I went off at a tangent I suspect I would've put on 30 stone by now.