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C/C++ API: Is it posiible to clone database connection?
> > Your dummy, no-real-changes editing makes me want to just block you. ...

> ... I'm used to editing posts if I think it's necessary.

I refer to a succession of 3 post versions which differ in no way other than timestamp. I have to wonder how you can believe such "edits" to be necessary.

> Assume the app has 2 tabs and therefore two connections in the pool. In first tab user writes attach database a.sqlite or pragma synchronous = 0. He will expect that these changes will be applyed to both tabs. But there is no mechanizm to sync them. And that is why I can't use "by using common code to get connections to the configuration you want".

It is not hard to imagine whatever code makes the connection changes doing them to the whole set of connections that are to act the same.

> > keeping them in a pool

> I don't want to get a real copy. I need the same runtime configuration. I can achieve it by next steps:
>  ...
> But it is a lot of work for me and sqlite. I thought there is a simple way. It does not exist. ОК.

There are several simpler ways. Use the same connection instead of many doing the same thing. Apply changes in tandem, perhaps iterating over the pool. 

I would not worry much about changes instigated via UI being too taxing for SQLite, at least not with any hardware from the last several decades.