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long runtime for sqlite3_prepare_v2
Your question asks for informed deduction with no valid input parameters and some ill-conceived premises. Allow me this tongue-in-cheek paraphrasing to illustrate the problem:

We are using standard driver inputs to drive some cars. We have noticed that it takes about 10-20 minutes to drive (depending on the engine size of the car) down some roads.

Our questions are:

1. Is this expected or can something be done to improve it? (We are building the cars ourselves).
2. The roads we are choosing are identical for many cars, is there a way to prepare one car for a road and then have the other cars automatically drive it?

What can we possibly answer with even the smallest pretense of veracity? (except to say that option 2 is clearly impossible)   

Please either post the schema and queries, or provide a lot more actual facts about the circumstances and physical queries. Any useful solution should be based in engineering rigor, not opinion, and that can only be arrived at with full knowledge of the variables/parameters of the problem.

(This is not twitter/reddit, we are actually interested in the boring details)