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V3.35.0 Math Functions with Pre-Compiled Binaries
Please take this next in the kindly spirit it is offered:

The reason I referred you to <u>[How to Compile SQLite](https://sqlite.org/howtocompile.html)</u> instead of suggesting that you fire up Visual Studio is because I know, from having done what is needed to make that way work, that following the guidance at the link is **much simpler**.

With that said, I will just comment on some of the problems you are seeing. Maybe that will suffice for you to get the VS build going.

Re "ignoring '/INCREMENTAL'": You should also ignore that. Better yet, turn off incremental linking. It saves very little time.

Re "unresolved external symbol _WinMain@16": Do not let the magical, make-a-project VS feature do anything for you. You have made what is known as a Windows GUI project, whose entry point (as far as user-written code is concerned) is WinMain().  The shell's entry point is main(), as is nearly always the case for console projects.

The Makefile.msc that comes with the amalgamation is perfectly capable of building 32-bit or 64-bit versions of the SQLite library and its CLI shell. You want to use the various "... Command Prompt ..." shortcuts installed in the Start menu alongside the shortcut for that nice VS IDE, provided that you are following the linked guidance. (And good luck otherwise. I have gone that route because I wanted to debug SQLite itself and use its very nice code navigation aids. But it will take more work on your part.)