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Support of unicode operators like ≠?
I think you mistake my statements for being "against Unicode", I adore Unicode, I can't author a letter in my native tongue if it wasn't for Unicode, and all my created software can handle Unicode perfectly well. Yet, the code that I wrote to make that software is technical and contains only ASCII characters.

What I am contesting, is writing that software in Unicode.  
The tools used to build engines do not in itself need to behave the same way as the built engines.

Most modern code editors can all speak Unicode perfectly well, but I still prefer the larger-or-equal sign to be the two characters ">=" rather than a single special Unicode character. It's not that it is more "correct" in any sense, it's just faster that way and limits your required keys to produce the needed characters on ANY keyboard to a set of about 100 or so keys to get the job done.

It's like how some people view luxury to mean being special in every way, better than normal, but even if you buy a right fancy luxurious car, you'll find the tire-iron to be of a very standard format. I pose that it is extreme luxury to be able to walk into any little roadside shop out in desert-country after suffering a flat tire and purchase a tire iron that will work on your otherwise wildly innovative expensive out-of-the-norm vehicle.

Your computer understanding Unicode and being able to write your correct umlauted name on an email or document is a MUST. Needing that for basic programming input commands however, is the opposite of luxury.

Lastly, Unicode is nothing like quantum physics. It's fully understood, used almost universally everywhere (where general language input/output is needed) and is perfectly sensible.

If you are having trouble with it, perhaps you are trying to do things in Unicode which isn't needed (like coding) or perhaps some more reading may enlighten. It's hard to guess at your problems, but if you can pose a specific difficulty, we might be able to suggest a remedy.