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feature request for CSV extension...
Yeah, some compilers seem to complain about strnicmp because somewhere along the line the name of the function changed (neither MSVC nor MinGW complain though).

Anyway, I changed the strnicmp to use sqlite3_strnicmp, so that should fix that.  These compares are only used during the initial connect phase to parse parameters so it should not make any significant difference, performance wise.

There are two other complaints I get with c99 that are remedied by extra parenthesis and by an explicit cast.  So now it compiles on MinGW64 GCC 9.1.0 with *-std=c99 -Wall -pedantic* producing no warnings.

Note that the majority of the code is Richard's original csv.c extension just with some modifications made to it to add some more processing options ... (plus some syntax changes to make it "look nicer" while I was making the changes and testing them -- each to their own formatting wise).