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cannot create tables in sqlitestudio than other apps can see
Thank you for your reply.
The Delphi program is one I created, and it does nothing but on a button click connect to the sqlite connection, then open a table with a "select * from tablename".

Trouble creating a database was in sqlitestudio. I entered a newfile name including a folder, selected "add a database" and there was a button that said create, bit it takes me to the same screen as when I select "browse for I navigated to . After retyping a new file name it as assuming I was trying to load a file, even though I select the "create" button.

When I selected an existing db file created in dbbrowser, these was an ok button that is greyed out, so I could not get out of that screen until I hit esc.

The comment I made about checking the spelling was in the Delphi program, where the connection parameters include a databas file with folder name and ...db name.

I also checked the spelling of the table name in the sql statement, a simple name like "mytable" in lowercase in db browser and in the select statement. When the query is run, a message of "table not found" is displayed, and sometime I get the "external error has occurred" from the same program, same table. My guess is that when it told me there is no table of that name, I went into one or all 3 of my sqlite programs, and without making any changes I run the program again and it gives me the external error.

I will try the cli tool you mentioned.
Thank you.