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Optimize sqllite database

Optimize sqllite database

(1) By neondba on 2022-01-10 19:17:50 [link] [source]

Hi. I found Polish program ejim Jednolity Indeks Materiałowy JIM with, a database based on sqllite. Unfortunately, the display / sorting of the largest table takes me a very long time. What to do to speed up the operation of this database. packaged program is on https://rapidshare.io/34WH/eJIM.zip Besides Does anyone have an idea what this base is for?

(2) By Simon Slavin (slavin) on 2022-01-10 22:49:12 in reply to 1 [source]

I downloaded your database. I can't run the software included with it, but I opened the included database in the SQLite command line shell.

The database passes the integrity-check. The longest table has 1757390 rows. It displays without problems in the SQLite command line shell. The last row in the table has id_jim = '1757390' and the other columns are blank, suggesting something went wrong with the input procedure.

There's nothing wrong with the data. if the program you're using is doing something strange, the problem is with the program. I suspect it wasn't designed to handle a table with 1757390 rows in.

(3) By Simon Slavin (slavin) on 2022-01-11 01:52:49 in reply to 2 [link] [source]

… or perhaps doesn't like the fact that many columns of the last row are blank instead of holding the values which obviously should be there.