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Unexpected output from the SELECT
There are two major paths through the query planner in SQLite.
The `whereShortCut()` path is a very quick planner that is appropriate
for simple queries (only a single table in the FROM clause), and there
is a slower path that does a much more detailed analysis of the query and
is used for joins and queries against virtual tables and other situations
where a more detailed analysis is appropriate.
The problem described by this thread is essentially the same as the problem
previously described by Wang Ke in 
[forum thread eb8613976a](/forumpost/eb8613976a), except that in this
case the problem was in whereShortCut() rather than in the full-analysis

Both problems should be fixed as of
[check-in 8b24c177061c3836](src:/timeline?c=8b24c177061c3836).

The changes at [check-in e038ce8955e785af](src:/info/e038ce8955e785af)
which the bisect above identified as the problem source
actually have nothing to do with the problem at all.
That change merely helped to expose the problem.