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My Database is being deleted after each restart of my code. How can I fix it?
This must be a contender for the gold-medalist in the least-specific-questions category.

Your question sounds like this to me:

I've decided to learn to drive, and use a car for it. I'm kinda doing ok so far, but every time I look in my garage, there is no car there.   
Why is it happening?

We could spend all day guessing.

Could you tell us please:

- Which operating system,
- What is the file path (including name) of the SQLite that is opened (and then magically disappearing),
- How are you opening it, 
- Are you using a wrapper, library, compiled-in SQLite, or something else?
- Can you open the file with another SQLite tool or the CLI? At least before it disappears?
- Have you ever seen the file appear?

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