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64-bit Win compile of Tcl interface, revisited
Hi Gerry.

The missing symbols look to be something which should be
provided by Tcl's stubs library, i.e. libtclstub.a or
whatever the equivalent name under Windows(tm).

I suspect that whatever Makefile you use is not supplying
this library to the link step, or supplying it incorrectly.

As I am not firm (anymore) with regard building on Windows,
I would recommend/propose to ask the question on the
tcl-core mailing list, and then feed any corrections you get
back to Richard so that he can update the Makefile in question.

IIRC Jan Nijtmans is doing Windows-builds, and listening on
Tcl-core. Other names I remember as associated with Tcl on
Windows are Harald Oehlmann and Francois Vogel, also on that

Hopefully this helps.