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SQLite3 v3.34 ANOMALY - Precompiled Binaries for Windows
I'm very happy your code problem is solved (I can see you are ecstatic too!)

I do want to make the following observation on your comment that your take-away from all this is about Cdecl and that you are grateful for the lack of stray observations.

I had hoped your take-away would be that in order for people to help (not only on this forum), you should make no assumptions about the correctness of your code and, more importantly, post said code right from the start.

Mr. Randomcoder's realization could never have happened based on your initial post (which did nothing but ask many superfluous [already well-documented] questions about sqlite3_exec()'s implementation).

Only after I asked you (nay, begged you) to show the code in exactly such a "stray comment" as you thank Mr. Random for not making, and you subsequently posting it, then only did the resolve come.

I am happy for the medals you award in solving your "week long ordeal", but I do wish you realize the length of your ordeal is a complete consequence of your stubbornness in providing accurate asked information from the start. If the code was posted on day 1, Randomcoder's spotting could have been on the same day and your ordeal could have been solved in 1 day, not to mention with complete absence of stray comments.

I hope you remember that for future questions on any forum, and I am truly happy your problem is solved and that you have learned something (perhaps even other people reading this thread may have learned from it), and wish you the very best of luck with the programming project.