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Can Richard do some YouTube videos explaining transaction implementation?
As someone who has produced a few dozen technical videos, there's no comparison at all between commenting code and producing high-quality video.

The very best case is that you've already got the tech set up to produce good-enough video, and that you can just rip through the content stream-of-consciousness style and upload the video file at the end, as-is.

Most people don't have a good studio set up. A laptop with a potato camera pointing up your nostrils with the blue-purple LCD glow making the subject look like a necromancer's failed experiment is not what I call "good video." For content like this, audio is more than half the value, so you also need a studio mic on a boom, a pop filter, and audio post-processing. (Dynamic range compression, noise removal, etc.)

For highly technical topics like this, you want to write a script first. Even if you go off-script when making the video, the very act of writing the script improves the result by ensuring you touch on all of the important topics. That takes more much more time to write than these code comments you're talking about. Most of the comments are already there, so they only need maintenance, and writing for presentation is harder than just jotting down notes-to-self in the code.

If you need/want to *edit* the resulting video, it'll cost you at least 3x the finished running time. Over 1x to record it, another 1x to watch it again, and another 1x worth of time in stops and starts as you do the actual editing. And that's a quick edit, mainly just cutting out ums and ahs. A complex edit with titles and segment rearrangement and multiple cuts might take 5x the video's finished time or more.

Having spent all that effort and time, now you have an artifact that's pinned in place, nearly unchangeable, because you can't just insert a new sentence into the middle of a video, like you can into a code comment. You have the 3x rule again, the video studio's likely been changed around since you set it up last, so you end up with visual jumps in the video and audio quality by just inserting new snippets.

Most of the time, it's simplest to just re-record the whole thing, so you pay another 3-5x real time cost to redo the video.