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Unable to open the connection
> I would like to keep the DB created outside the application context @ c: drive so that multiple process can access it .

I do not understand this "would like". To me, it is as if you said, "I would like the database to exist in a file so that more than one process can access it." To that, the answer is: "That's what happens when you name a file to the open API." This is so obvious that I think you must mean something else, but I cannot fathom what that is.

> Able to create the connection and get connection object but unable to open connection. 

It would help if the meaning of "create the connection", "get the connection object" and "open connection" did not have to be guessed. What APIs are you calling, in what order, and with what effect?

> I tried read/write access to that drive.

What does "drive" access have to do with this? Can we restrict discussion to a specific file that you name as the database to an SQLite API that expects one?