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Virtual RDBMS over SQLite
The only advantage of the design you describe is that the schema is fixed,  
you never have to do any DDLs, only DMLs. But that seems like a pretty terrible schema IMHO.  
Is DDL not transactional in SQL-Server like in Oracle, but unlike SQLite and PostgreSQL?  
That could be a reason for such a design maybe.

SQLite is great at storing structured data, or even semi-structured data, e.g. [SQLAR](https://sqlite.org/sqlar/doc/trunk/README.md), and you also have [JSON1](https://www.sqlite.org/json1.html) too.  
So sure, I'd go with SQLite myself, assuming I understand where you are going.

It's up to you whether to use a single table, many tables, or even several different DB files too.  
Unless you have thousands of tables, SQLite will be fine. SQLite is optimized for many-rows, not many-tables,  
still it will do great with a few hundreds to thousands of tables, just don't go into the dozens of thousand tables (or shard them on several DBs).

Have fun! --DD