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Ubuntu SQLite 3.33
SQLite is [public domain][1].  You can link it anyhow you want.

[1]:  https://sqlite.org/copyright.html

The prohibition of static linking has nothing to do with copyright issues.
Many Linux distributions frown on static linking because they feel that makes
security updates more difficult.  If a security vulnerability is found in a shared
library, they only have to issue an emergency update for that one shared library.
But if the library is statically linked, then they have to locate all of the
applications that the library links against, recompile each one, and issue an
emergency update for all of those applications.

That's the theory, at least.  In practice, you get into a situation like you
found where the shared library is years behind trunk, and so applications tend
to be left hanging without needed security updates.  But you won't convince the
distribution managers of that - at least not in my experience.