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Unicode and CLI for Mac
The version I'm using is one from sqlite, but I had recompiled it trying to get some ICU features. Everything else is standard Apple gear.High Sierra 10.13.6 running bash shell. According to some tests I've done the sqlite shell may be wonky. So I'll d/l a vanilla version and try that. Thank you for your input.

OK, I've grabbed a new d/l from sqlite. But same results.
SQLite version 3.19.3 2017-06-27 16:48:08
Enter ".help" for usage hints.
sqlite> select x'c3a1',hex('

2021-02-11 11:52:41
/Volumes/femto/FemtoDocuments/MyDB [user] 

That command is pasted in, not typed, but as soon as it gets to the <code>sqlite> select x'c3a1',hex('</code> it drops back to the Terminal shell. But piping it to sqlite3 works:
/Volumes/femto/FemtoDocuments/MyDB [user] echo "SELECT x'c3a1', hex('á');" | sqlite3
2021-02-11 11:57:50
/Volumes/femto/FemtoDocuments/MyDB [user] 

So obviously something wonky with my system, not the sqlite executable. <sigh>
My text editor is BBEdit and entering Unicode characters is fine using Alt [hex code].