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Database on android SD CARD
> The reason for not wanting to root is that I wanted to develop an application / extension that others could easily use without rooting their phone. If it were just for me, fine, but if I want others to use it who may not be as enthusiastic about rooting, wouldn't it be great if it could work?

I do not question your motivation for wanting to avoid rooting a phone. I just don't think that's a constraint that is going to be flexible during troubleshooting or allow you to do the experiments that would allow you to figure out what the relevant factors are that lead to today's problem.

> When you said its a clue that the comment noexec is relevant, How can you say that when the permission says RWXRWX--- Doesn't that say that the base user should be able to execute?

I saw the difference between "RWXRWX---" and "rw rw ---" (on your "emulated storage") as significant and related to the "noexec" mounting. It suggests that the 'x' bit is less significant (with respect to today's problem) than you seem to think.

The per-file execute permission is separate from the effect of the noexec mount option. I would not expect the per-file permission bits to reflect whether the block device was mounted with the noexec option. (They do not on Linux, and I'm too lazy to check this on other Unix-like systems.) They do not mean that that, once loaded, program image text segments from the file will be physically executable. IOW, the 'x' bits do not mean quite what you think they mean.

> While you are likely right that my issue is with my environment and not with SQLite, my hope is that other SQLite enthusiasts may have bumped up against this issue and be able to help with how to solve it.

I do not hope to disabuse you of your hope(s). My recommendation of a different forum was intended to improve your odds of success and help keep this forum on-topic. Other Android developers are much more likely to have the pertinent knowledge, and on an Android forum they are less likely to regard the issue as off-topic which will also improve your odds of getting a useful answer.