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Select is S*L*O*W but not in Development
C# Windows Form, Windows 10.
using Dapper DLL.

a very small table, only 80 rows and about 10 columns.
doing this query: Select * from House order by Territory,TSeq ASC.
Territory is a string, TSeq is an Integer.

on a windows Form in the program, i do the Select using Dapper.
take the result set into a List, then write the rows to a ListView.

In the /bin/Release/ folder, this loads the ListView immediately.
using SQLiteStudio, this Select takes .07 seconds.

however, when I copy the /bin/Release/ folder with the exact same exe/dlls/and DB, to a folder on the Cdrive or Ddrive, it takes about 5 seconds to populate the ListView.

I've tried with and without all the PDB/xml/config files, and on different drives and folders.. it runs slow everywhere but in the /bin/Release folder.

??? maybe this is a C# forum question, but I can't see what the difference would be between the Release folder and some other folder.

thanks for any comments... eric