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Should SQLite be able to optimize this query?
"Natural ordered" (aka orderByConsumed) is also an order and NOT random.

I the past - before the "as MATERIALIZED" for the WITH clause was introduced - there was an issue where I had to add "limit 8e9" to solve my issue, which I cannot remember exactly now what it was. Might also not well be related to this thread here but just to mention as a hint about other effects out from the CTE into the framing query.

My query:

tab as (
  select * from ViewAllAlarms limit 8e9
alarms as (
  select rowid,TimeStamp,Seconds,Severity,Reason,Source,RestMsg,Message2,Message3
  from tab
  where (State isNull) and (TestEnd isNull) and (Control isNull)
aggregated as (
select   Severity,Reason,Source,RestMsg,Message2,Message3,count(*)NumCount
from alarms
where Severity notNull
group by Severity,Reason,Source,RestMsg,Message2,Message3
having NumCount>1
order by Severity,NumCount desc,Reason,Source,RestMsg,Message2,Message3
select * from aggregated;