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SQLite3.exe fails to handle huge multi-line-comment
As I contemplated what "efficient"<sup>a</sup> pre-scanning would look like, I realized it would need to handle input such as this:<br><code>
create table "
Travails of a Verbose Identifier Afficionado
  (Or, ""How I came to avoid obtuse names."")"
When I learned to program, identifiers could contain up to 6 dark characters,
 with any amount of embedded whitespace.",
For larger programs, I sometimes kept a symbol table;
There detailing what names variables would have if not
for such limitations. /* Crucial, but too much work! */",
Now, in SQL(ite), identifiers may have virtually any length. (Hooray!)",
My main problem today is that complex queries no longer fit on a
 screen and so they are harder to read in their totality.",
-- (Funny looks from my coworkers are tomorrow's problem.)"
</code>.<br>This dampens my enthusiasm somewhat.


a. I put "efficient" in jest quotes because it is unclear what the measure of success should be.