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Feature request: Import csv into a table with generated columns
Consider this very simple example (if you'll excuse my unusual prompt):

▶▶▶ create table p(a integer, b integer, c integer as (a + b) stored);
▶▶▶ insert into p values(40,2);
▶▶▶ select * from p;
a   b  c
--  -  --
40  2  42
▶▶▶ .shell cat p.csv
▶▶▶ .mode csv
▶▶▶ .import p.csv p
Error: table p has 2 columns but 3 values were supplied

The `insert` statement works fine, evidently ignoring the generated column.
But the `.import` fails with a rather puzzling error message. (It doesn't matter whether the column is stored or not.)

I think it would be useful to be able to import csv files directly into a table with generated columns. As it is, the easiest workaround is to import the csv into a temporary table, then insert from there.

(I labeled this a feature request, but it seems to me to exist in the grey zone between a feature request and a bug report. Make of it what you will. But the error message is at least misleading.)

– Harald