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Temp database
Thanks Keith. I need clarification on a some aspects:

1.In a new CLI session, 

> PRAGMA temp_store_directory;

returns nothing. (If I assign to it, it returns what I assigned). How do I find the current/default location?

2.Consider this session:

<code>sqlite> attach ':memory:' as AUX;
sqlite> attach '' as TMP;
sqlite> .mode column
sqlite> select * from pragma_database_list();
seq  name  file
0    main
2    AUX
3    TMP</code>

A. Why do I never find 1 in the seq column? (first column)

B. The file column values is identical for :memory: and '' - why?

3.As with :memory: I can attach as many '' (temp) databases as long as the name/alias is unique. Correct?