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SQL compliance on Wikipedia
It says "INTEGER and SMALLINT data types (including all spellings)". What are "all spellings"? If all of them include "INT" as a substring, then the answer is yes. In SQLite, the two data types listed (and other spellings supported) are all signed 64-bit integers (although you can store other data in such a column too if you do not use an explicit cast). The other data types listed in the E011 section are supported (with the names in the same row of that table being the same data type in SQLite, but again you can store other data in such columns too if you do not use an explicit cast).

In the E021 section, for SQLite the CHARACTER and CHARACTER VARYING types are the same type, but again I don't know what "including all spellings" includes. There is no function called CHARACTER\_LENGTH or OCTET\_LENGTH, although guessing by the name of the latter function, LENGTH(CAST(X AS BLOB)) probably does what you want; also, user defined SQL functions can be implemented in C (although not in SQL), so a user can add these functions if wanted. E021-10 says "Implicit casting among the fixed-length and variable-length character string types", but in SQLite they are the same type, so then what?

And then, the T321 section mentions stored procedures. SQLite doesn't have stored procedures, although you can use INSTEAD OF triggers for some of the same purposes (which is something I have done).

So, in other words, in many cases in the table it is confusing what is meant or otherwise what to put in that table.