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SQLite is SQLite - SQLite.org provides documentation of its features and scope. I have no contentions.

Likewise, for other RDMBS.

The version of the RDBMS I use programmatically is the version that I install. With SQL Server, I can even get the installed version to operate like an earlier version.

When I install MySQL or SQL Server, the installation of the ODBC drivers or OLEDB Providers are implicit.

With SQLite, I do NOT need to download ANY version of SQLite. I have tried two Dot NET providers and one ODBC driver. EACH ONE OF THESE installs its OWN VERSION of SQLite. I have no option regarding the version that I use. See message#12 in this thread.

I started with the precompiled binaries for SQLite 3.33.

My question was simply an endeavour to figure out if I could use a version of  SQLite that I CHOOSE. As far as I can see, I've received only ONE valid response. See message#4. I made some progress with this. See message#7. 

However, I came to a sudden halt. Message#8 provided a clue - I am still working on this. That there is no documentation that provides the signature(s) of the function(s) available once I've loaded the library does NOT help.

This forum is valuable for raising real problems encountered with SQLite; the expression of the problems raised is sometimes limited by English Language fluency which is OK.

What I find extremely disturbing/frustrating are the responses (typically from the same individuals and in several threads not just this one) that focus on posters mindset, aptitude, programming experience etc. and do so in a fashion that is denigrating WITHOUT adding any clarity to the question raised. Often, it is alleged that the SQLite problem raised is not within the remit of the forum. (How so when the problem is with SQLite and this is a dedicated SQLite forum?)

I am still looking for a way to use the version of SQLite that I choose with C# or VB.NET or VBA or R.