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Attaching to DB *AFTER* Transaction started
The reason for my original email (a month ago) is that I couldn't find any information  
about that in the documentation. Have I missed it? Has the documentation changed since?  
Given the lack of response in this thread, I assumed not.

My question was *what should I expect*, not that there was a bug in either  
doc or code. (unless one considers *lack of information* in the doc a bug.)

And to complicate matters, the transaction could mix DBs in Journal and WAL mode too.  
I also do not recall reading anything about that case either, although again I could  
well have missed it. And why I'm asking these questions here.

SQLite's documentation tends to be very exhaustive about when something is  
*undefined behavior* or not; and since it does not say anything (that I know of)  
in these particular cases (begin+attach, or attach-Journal + attach+WAL), I guess  
one *could assume* both are supported, but given these are *corner cases* I never  
thought about before, nor remember reading anything about in the doc or the ML/forum  
I prefer to ask the experts. Unlike me, you know whether there are unit tests for  
these use-cases, for example.