SQLite Forum

Why not ignore attempts to make the SQLite user's forum into a general programming forum?  Some people are simply ignorant of forum conventions, such as respecting the purpose of a forum. They can be educated and, if well intentioned, can learn the long established custom of using fora for their ostensible purposes. I am willing to help maintain such conventions because, if nobody ever does, the ignorant have little chance to learn. They need only a polite tip to improve.

You have not been belittled. However, you are marking yourself as someone heedless of this forum's purpose.  Your issue is, to put it bluntly, not a SQLite issue in any way different from thousands of other libraries you might put into a DLL.

I have no doubt that you wish to save yourself some time by tapping into the general programming experience common among many SQLite users and this forum's participants. That is beside the point. More than your convenience is at stake.