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Automatic indexing (idle question)
I think maybe you are mistaking this forum somewhat.

Your statements seem to try and prompt the sort of musings that entertain old men with puffs of smoke exiting their pipes while wielding wrinkled brows, deep stares and slow beard-rubs in that far-away mystical land, known only as "reddit". 

More to the point - they don't add anything of value to any of the conversations, yet they appear with startling regularity. "Sounding clever" is not an admired trait here... one could say it achieves the opposite.

I won't go so far as another poster to wish you moderated away, you are welcome to stay and be ignored - Or stay, and join us proper by making the next statement one that is both relevant and helpful. Not only may it help the others, but I for one might come to enjoy reading them. And I'm not suggesting appeasing me - I am nobody, but I can't be the only one feeling this way, so I hope that if I am open about my thoughts it might be useful to you.

PS: Apologies to everyone else - The irony is not lost on me of now having posted a response that is neither helpful, nor relevant, to the original question.