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Error message from xConnect of eponymous table
Some additional info to this issue.

I checked the source for pragma_table_info logic and apparrently pragmaVtabFilter transforms the table-valued originated data of pragma_table_info(table, schema) into PRAGMA shema.table_info(table) and just returns the error from the PRAGMA query as it is("unknown database..."). So it is very likely that no error reporting on xConnect level is involved here. 

As for my instances of the issue, I made a test with one of my virtual tables that is eponymous (enabled) virtual table (xCreate = xConnect). A fresh (create virtual) table was created. Then I closed the file and made a temporal unconditional error in xConnect handler source with my error message returned. 
The results are

  *  For <u>select * from an_unique_virtual_table_name(...</u> I got my error (expected)
  *  For <u>select * from module_name(...</u> (eponymous mode) I got "no such table {module_name}" error, but in the debugger I saw that my message was indeed passed to sqlite.