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Automatic indexing (idle question)

Occasional reminders (or original lessons) on forum topicality appear to be needed from time to time. This seems to be one of them. Your response is helpful insofar as it helps promote honoring the forum's purpose and respecting other participants' use of their time here.

I'm sure you speak for many others, although many of them have likely learned the merits of a "don't feed the troll" approach to promoting topicality.

Mr. Aranda,

I see that you are somewhat clever, and that makes me hope that you are able to appreciate how useful this forum is to busy people who come here because threads tend to be helpful, on-topic and friendly. A side of entertainment is not going to draw much objection, but please avoid making it the main course in your posts. It would be a shame for your transition to the set of unmoderated posters to become a source of regret.