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Possible bug: pragma table_info(A) does not work, but equivalent select does in preupdate hook
The plot thickens.

Swapping the order of create+insert does not matter, and results in the same error on the second table.

But: creating both tables first, and then inserting data in either - that _does_ make a difference, and the aberrant behaviour is not present. 

Note that in our implementation we only respond to data being added (in preupdate), and if it is in a table/column we don't know about, we use `PRAGMA table_info()` to get the information. 

What this means is that it works if: 
- multiple tables are created
- then first table, on insert: pragma table_info works
- next table, on insert: pragma table_info works

As opposed to previously:
- create table A
- on insert in A: pragma table_info works
- create table B
- on insert in B: pragma table_info does not work

Yes - the types - I know. We are also testing how to represent and retrieve different types and track the declared type for our application. Thanks about the comment for the quotes!