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Is it possible to put the journal file to non-volatile RAM
>What is the point in setting SQLite to store a journal file in memory, but then moving that memory to non-volatile memory ? 

The purpose is to keep the behavior of memory journal mode to be the same as persist or delete mode.

>Doesn't that have the same result as just leaving the journal file in the same folder as the database, which is the default ?

They are a bit difference in performance. Since I'm using an embedded system, the memory journal file mode will be faster than any other mode. In embedded system, it usually perform a power cycle to reboot the hardware. In this case, I want the sqlite db file not being corrupted after a power cycle. However, the sqlite doc says that if using memory journal mode, it will a little risk for the db file safety and integrity. 

So, my idea is to use a NVRAM to store the memory journal file. This will provide both performance and db file safety. Is it possible ?